Supper Club

Life is simply too glorious not to experience rare rum and fine wine.

The Supperclub is a rather fabulous refuge for all free-thinking individuals

who wish to foster a more creative and unusual pastime.

Kaibo’s 20 Year Anniversary Rare Rum Supper Club

Dear Aficionado of the Rarer Rum, We are presently immersed in planning the next finer phenomenon:

The Voyage of Seven Fathoms Rare Rum Discovery

Friday 31st May 7pm

6 course tasting menu with paired wines, craft cocktail and rare rum

CI$ 140 per person, plus 15% gratuities

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Salt cod croquette with herb mayonnaise

‘H.H. Hutchings, The Rum Gunner’


Local tomatoes with smoked buttermilk curd’s and black olive crumb

Seven Fathoms Old Fashioned Reviver


Cured diver scallops

with local sweet pepper gazpacho

‘El Gordo’, Verdejo


Mahi-Mahi with fingerling potatoes,

mussel butter and broccolini

F.X. Picher Riesling


Angus beef tenderloin with creamed cornmeal, ‘Cayman Style’ jerk shank croquette and smoked barbeque sauce

Ladrón Mencía, Bierzo

Spanish Mencía, Castilla y Leon, 2016


Rum roasted pineapple tart with coffee gelato

Olorosso Cask Rum


ci$140  per person

plus 15% gratuities

A wondrous occasion, where eccentric enthusiasts confabulate, at a faraway locale, on a lesser-known island, at the heart of the rum-making world of the Caribbean ….. we welcome you to Kaibo Upstairs.

In praise of #RareRumSupperClub:

“What an amazing ‘Rare Rum Dinner’! It was flawless – great food, drink and good times! Looking forward to the next one already? Thanks to everyone Upstairs for a great night!”

M.R., Real Life magazine.

“Last Friday evening Rum Dinner – AMAZING! Thank you – first class food, beautiful setting and spectacular rums!”

J.U., Pinnacle Media



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water taxi from Camana Bay 6pm
Additional fee applies. Please contact Cayman Ferries directly.